Visiting our Southern Neighbours – Estonian GP on the spotlight

Estonian GP is an event of tradition, with first event being held 90 years ago. With its modern concept, first Estonian GP weekend was held in 2014, and the Finnish categories and drivers have been visiting the event frequently ever since. Held at the Porsche Ring near the historic town of Pärnu, the setting is modern and with the history, nature, and world-famous beaches of Pärnu it offers a unique setting in the Northern Europe.

In 2023, the event will have an estimate of 150 entries with both two and four wheels. The races are part of Finnish, Baltic, and Northern European Zone championships. Finnish Racing Championship and Rata SM were honoured by the invitation to race at the Estonian GP as part of the championship. The new premier category of Finnish racing, TCR Finland, is also set to feature on the Porsche Ring.

Promoter of the Estonian GP Martin Miilberg.

-This year the Estonian Grand Prix will be a stage of the Finnish, Estonian, and Northern European Zone championships. The aim is to run the competition at the best possible level, and we are expecting more than 150 competitors on both cars and motorcycles. We are also expecting a lot of fans at the track, as it will be an event for the whole family with various entertainment and attractions, says Estonian GP promoter Martin Miilberg.

The Finnish Championships last took part in the Estonian GP before the pandemic in 2019. Seeing Finnish Championship series, FRC and Rata SM, on the starting grids of the second biggest motoring event in the Baltics, second only to WRC Rally Estonia, is a positive sign for the organisers. The class diversity of the Finnish championships is also welcomed on the other side of the Gulf of Finland.

BMW Xtreme category race in Estonian GP in 2019. Photo: Pertti Kangasniemi / AKK.

-It’s a pleasure to see Finnish Championship event back on the Estonian GP, especially after what’s been happening around Europe and the world. We are looking forward to seeing what TCR Finland has to offer for competitors and fans alike. Overall, Estonian fans have taken the Finnish competitors very well, and the longer the start line, the more happens on the track. Legends is another fan-favorite class here because of the number of cars on track, Miilberg says.

The history of the modern Estonian GP dates back to 2014, with six competition classes. Since its inaugural race, the event has grown into the corner stone of Baltic motorsport and one of the biggest motorsports events in the Baltic region.

Eesti Autospordi Liit president Toivo Asmer.

-There were six classes in the first Estonian GP, and we had drivers coming from Finland to compete in V8 Thunder / Camaro Cup, Formula Open and BMW 325 Cup –classes. The first Estonian GP gave us assurance, that the long-term cooperation between countries is possible, and the following years confirmed this. As part of the Estonian Grand Prix, we have conducted both Northern European Zone (NEZ), Finland and Baltic championship rounds, and I can confirm that after the difficult period of COVID, we have established a good cooperation again for the 2023 season. We plan to continue a good partnership between Finland and Estonia in the future as well, says the president of the Eesti Autosporti Liid president Toivo Asmer.

As the premier racing event in the Baltic region, a lot of guest drivers are expected to make an appearance in the Estonian GP. With nine classes of cars and three motorbike categories, the three-day event is sure to provide action-packed racing for the audience.

-We started from around 95 competitors, and this year we are expecting around 150+ on the starting grids. In addition to competitors from Finland and the Baltic countries, guests from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland are also expected, Asmer says.

V1600 -category cars at the Estonian GP in 2019. Photo: Pertti Kangasniemi / AKK.

The Estonian GP will be held 11th to 13th of August at the Porsche Ring in Pärnu, Estonia. Present will be FRC categories TCR Finland, Legends, and V1600, as well as Rata SM categories BMW Xtreme Race, V8 Thunder, and Formula Open Finland.

You can visit the Estonian GP website here.

Photos of the 2019 Estonian GP.

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