Kumho Tyres to become TCR Finland’s official tyre supplier for 2023 and 2024

Launching its inaugural season in 2023, Finnish Racing Championship’s premier category TCR Finland’s tyres will be supplied by Kumho Tyres. The South-Korean global tyre manufacturer is supplying tyres for the international TCR World Tour among other series. In Finland, two tyre specifications, S700 slick tyres and W701 wet-weather tyres are to be used.

Highlighting the importance of motorsport to Kumho’s product, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Janghyuk Yoon was excited to reveal the company’s support in TCR series.

– Building on years of technological expertise in motorsports, Kumho Tire is expanding its horizon as a partner of the TCR competition worldwide. We will continue to strengthen our position as a high-performance tyre brand, Mr. Yoon said.

TCR Europe using Kumho Tyres. Photo: TCR Europe.

Distribution will be handled by Portuguese Race Tyres International, a company with solid expertise in TCR cars in Europe.

– After successfully completing his first year in the TCR market, Kumho Tire joined a number of new championships for the upcoming year of 2023, including the TCR World Tour, and, proudly, the TCR Finland. Our goal, in collaboration with TCR, is to have one tire, one price, globally for all the championships running TCR cars, said Race Tyres International CEO Rene Quintaneiro.

RTE-Motorsport CEO Janne Eronen. Photo: RTE-Motorsport.

The official retailer in Finland is RTE-Motorsport. With years of expertise in national rallying, the Finnish company feels positively about the new opportunities in Finnish racing.

– We have been working with Kumho for 15 years now, thus the product is familiar and reliable. Our aim is to increase our presence in the paddock areas of Finnish circuits, listen to our customers’ wishes, and help them in all the ways we can. We are here for the drivers, and we are committed to serve them to the best of our abilities, said RTE-Motorsport CEO Janne Eronen.

For TCR Finland, the choice of Kumho as the official tyre supplier for the series means reliable, global and cost-effective solution for the benefit of the drivers for the next two seasons.

– I’m delighted that we have a global expert in TCR racing and tyres with Kumho as our partner. Via Kumho we will have a high-quality and internationally tested product for our competitors. Additionally, with Kumho tyres being used in multiple series, it’s easier for Finnish drivers to race outside of Finland. Two-year agreement is good for the longevity of our series, and it allows our drivers to focus on setting up their cars for the inaugural season and 2024 as well. Everything is almost set for our inaugural season, said TCR Finland promoter Mika Heinonen.

TCR FInland season begins at Alastaro in May. Photo: Petro Piilo / AKK.

Inaugural TCR Finland -season begins in Alastaro Circuit 20th to 21st of May with both Finnish Racing Championship and Finnish Motorcycle Racing championships present. The official test day for TCR Finland is held in Alastaro 22nd of April.

TCR Finland calendar 2023

   1.         20.-21.5. Alastaro, Virttaa

    2.       17.-18.6. Motopark, Virtasalmi

    3.       22.-23.7. Vauhtiajot, Seinäjoki

    4.       12.-13.8. Porsche Ring, Pärnu, Estonia

    5.       2.-3.9. Alastaro (Long), Virttaa

    6.       16.-17.9. Ahvenisto, Hämeenlinna

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