15-year-old prodigy Meri Levula selected for the final phase of FIA Girls On Track – Rising Stars

Lohja-born racing driver Meri Levula has been selected for the last phase of the FIA Girls On Track – Rising Stars program. This marks the final leg of the four-year Rising Stars initiative. Levula’s inclusion in the program is a repetition of her 15-year-old racing career, previously strictly on the karting side. The FIA-led initiative is in collaboration with the Ferrari Driver Academy and Iron Dames, an all-female team competing in the World Endurance Championship WEC among others. The upcoming event, set to take place at the Franciacorta Circuit in Italy on September 5th, will offer Levula the opportunity to hopefully join the prestigious Ferrari Driver Academy.

”The selection came as a surprise, I clearly penned a strong application. I was also part of a prior junior program selection focused on karting at the Paul Ricard F1 Circuit, so I’m not as nervous this time. We have three weeks to enhance what we’ve learned from the previous experience, fine-tune the training regimen, intensify English language practice, and, if possible, test a Formula 4 car both in the simulator and on the track,” Levula shared about her busy schedule in the upcoming weeks.

Meri Levula is gearing up for the final phase of FIA Girls On Track – Rising Stars program. Photo: Sami Vaskola.

In Italy, Levula faces a pivotal moment. The young female driver, embarking on her first experience with a Formula 4 car, will have the chance to impress representatives from the team she admires.

”I’ve long dreamed of joining Ferrari’s Iron Dames team, an all-female line-up competing with Ferrari GT cars, including at the famed Le Mans 24 Hours. The team representatives will be present in Italy, and that’s a huge deal for me, adding extra excitement to the occasion. Of course, driving a real Formula 4 car is completely new to me, but I’m eager to show my capabilities and potential,” Levula shared.

Competing in the Finnish Racing Championship with a Honda Civic, Levula is set to gain access to a more competitive machine towards the end of the season. Levula and her team are building a Mini One, the current go-to car of the series. This season, Levula has taken her first steps in track racing in the V1600 class, and the experience garnered during the season with ”closed-body” cars is seen as valiuable by the 15-year-old for the final phase of the program.   

”We’re heading to Italy right after the Alastaro race weekend. Thankfully, the event falls in the middle of the week, allowing us to focus on the FRC series race as well. We’re currently building the Mini One, go-to car of the class, and we hope to have it ready by the time we reach Alastaro,” Levula presented her plans for the remainder of her debut season.

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