TCR Finland Pre-Season Test Day

TCR Finland pre-season test day is held during the Finnish Official Racing Degree weekend. On Saturday 22.4. the cars get to gain significant testing kilometres. The tests are open to public.

-We’ll structure the test day in a way that there will be enough driving time, at least half an hour at one go. This way the teams have the time to set-up their cars also during one stint. Currently it seems that there will be at least 6-8 stints during the day. There will be promotional photo shoots during the day as well, and we’re aiming to get representatives of the international promoter present as well as the scrutineers of the series, says TCR Finland promoter Mika Heinonen.

Cupra TCR on its way to Alastaro during TCR Sampler Day. Photo: Petro Piilo / AKK.
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